This one is for those high school kids that probably don’t read my blog.

Fuck prestige when choosing a college. Screw those top 50 or 100 top Universities in the US lists that pop up online everywhere. Institutions that boast their low acceptance rate as a point on the pro list do not care about education. If at orientation they go off about their impressive numbers know that a number is the only thing you’re to them. I remember how during mine at my old school they kept saying how we’re the best of the best. How only the top students in the country could, nay, deserved to get in. This is sickening, especially when this is supposed to be the public university system, an institution for the people. They claim to want to make the university accessible for everyone, to help progress the country. But the only people who actually seem to care are the students that are labeled as trouble making socialists, brushed aside by the institution that gave them the knowledge about these injustices in the first place.

Needless to say, I absolutely abhorred this school. Of course, there were good people, people who inspired hope in me like the ones I described before. But there were also the ones whose heads got inflated by the creme of la creme speech. Those people who thought themselves superior for attending the supposed #1 university in the country. These are the people who will bash on not only the private institutions, but other campuses of the same system. I remember pins taunting people who attended the Inter system by saying they weren’t smart enough to get into the UPR system. Since day one hostility and a sense of superiority is ingrained in the students making an overall unpleasant and toxic environment out of the university. This was one of the many reasons of why I transferred.

Whenever anyone here at WVU says they aren’t from West Virginia or any of the adjoining states they get asked why they came here. The question comes paired with a sense of alarm and disbelief when you say you’re from somewhere far, or a place that they might think it’s nice to live, like California or Puerto Rico. There are a ton of reasons I choose this school. Ones I’m not too keen on admitting, like going to college is a socially acceptable way of running away from home and the site and pamphlets sold me on the small town. Others are easier to say, like it had the perfect major for me and it had a pretty high acceptance rate. I remember it being about 84% and immediately searching for the apply button.

Some people might consider this a deterrent to applying, that it’s a party school for lazy people. High school me would have thought so, wanting to apply to schools like NYU and Northwestern. I never thought I’d end up going to, and loving, a school with a reputation of partying and couch burning. But because of the high acceptance rate there’s barely any snooty, stuck up “intellectuals” that get off on humiliating and shaming people academically. There’s a sense of unity, we’re all in this together, struggling with our schoolwork. I have yet to see people compete to see who has more work or is screwed more. The STEM mayors don’t go around wearing their lab coats around campus to show off like they do back home (despite the hot, humid weather; you’re not fooling anyone). Drama mayors aren’t obnoxiously loud to constantly show off their stage presence. Humanities majors don’t go around quoting Freud or some other dead misogynist to prove their literacy. Everyone’s struggles are valid, people seem to respect this here.

This is what has made me hate college a lot less since transferring. This is what makes me actually sit down and do my schoolwork. This is what makes me legitimately consider graduate school. This is what makes education effective. Choose a school that will welcome everyone and you will undoubtedly find yourself calling it home.


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