We were more equal than I gave us credit

You were joyful at sea.
I was there your first time.

Today it reminds me of when you ran
your hands through my hair
of when you slipped
them under my dress.

I preferred your touch to the sunrise
I felt the rays in your fingertips
and the soft colors with your lips.

You ways came back to me
as a place to rest your grip
away from home.

-Laura Andrea


You grasped my neck
while Marc Anthony sang of home.
You remembered
when I said I liked drowning in the Caribbean sea,
that I stopped my breathing to stop time
to feel a quietness,
a calm,
as foreign to me as this land.
So you grasped my neck,
your hands becoming the water I yearn.
They flooded my canals and draped my mountains
becoming another storm that would wreck me.

-Laura Andrea